Sananga – Amazonian medicine for improving eyesight

Sananga, an extraordinary natural medicine, has been used by the indigenous people of Peru and Brazil for thousands of years. By the Indians living in the Amazon jungle, Sananga drops are most commonly used for hunting because they sharpen the senses in an unprecedented way, especially sight. After using this product, the colors are clearer, making it easier for hunters to spot game among the lush vegetation. Focus and reflexes also improve. Sananga eye drops are also used today and help not only to intensify the stimuli received by the senses, but also to regain mental and energetic balance, as well as communicate with one's inner self. Here is the most important information about Sananga drops.


What is Sananga

Sananga are eye drops that they strengthen the body and sharpen the senses mainly sight. They are produced by indigenous Amazonian tribes. For thousands of years, the inhabitants of the Amazon have been using it as part of their natural medicine. Indians used them as a hunting aid. Drops they also helped with various ailments physical, mental, and were also used during rituals using sacred plants and mushrooms, including the famous Kambo ritual.

During the Sananga ceremony strengthens visions and deepens altered states of consciousness. Sananga eye drops also have a positive effect on increased focus, concentration and improving reflexes. They are also a cure for an overloaded mind and even soul. They soothe psychosomatic symptomsthat manifest themselves in the body and result from various types of blockages and traumas.

Sananga Tabernaemontana sananho  

Sananga – how is it created?

Sananga is a product that uses the natural power of plants. The process of their production involves slowly squeezing juices from the bark and roots appropriate tree species. Different tribes use different trees, but the most popular are the species Tabernaemontana undulata and Tabernaemontana sananho. The leaves of these plants also have distinct properties, although they should be used immediately after harvesting. Potions obtained from tree bark and roots are definitely more durable.

Sananga Sananga Tabernaemontana sananho

Drops Sananga - action

The use of Sananga drops is very versatile. This is an exceptionally strong drug that works on the body, mind and soul. A wide range of applications helps to tailor Sananga to individual needs and achieve noticeable health benefits. Drops through their action they cleanse the body and soul because they remove various mental and physical blockages.

They also help you achieve unity with nature and get rid of fear that often paralyzes you before taking action. Sananga liberates both the senses and the body, mind and spirit. It also allows you to look inside yourself and the surrounding world from a different, previously unknown perspective. The action of eye drops is based on thousands of years of wisdom and experience of Indians living in virgin areas, unspoilt by civilization.


Medicinal properties of Sananga

Sananga has strong healing properties for various ailments. It increases the sensitivity of the senses, thanks to which improves vision, concentration and reflexes.

It has a positive effect on the condition of the eyes, eliminating symptoms even very advanced diseases such as myopia, glaucoma, cataracts and even blindness. By using Sananga drops, the depth of color is noticeably enhanced. The mixture also affects the energy channels of the eye and tear ducts.

In addition to its unique effects on eyesight, Sananga is also used to treat skin diseases. Accelerates wound healing and relieves inflammation. It helps reduce appetite and at the same time stops vomiting. Exhibits strong antipyretic effect.

It also has properties antioxidant and anticancer, as well as sedative and analgesic. It has a positive effect on the condition of the sinuses and strengthens the entire body. The action of Sananga is really very versatile. While using the powerful power of mother nature, in the form of Sananga drops, the intention of healing is extremely important.

Sanangi application

Spiritual benefits of using the drops

In addition to its strong medicinal properties, Sananga it also affects the spiritual sphere. The Indians call it a medicine for the spirit and believe that the pure spirit of Sananga enters the body and helps remove any energetic blockages.

These blockages may appear on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. They often result in psychosomatic ailments of the body. Sananga reaches the source of various ailments, which are often caused by various traumas, and removes them. Drops they increase the sensitivity of the senses, expand perception, self-awareness and the ability to read the intentions of other people. They help regain unity with nature, lost in a busy world saturated with consumerism and the pursuit of material goods.

This unique product is a return to the roots of man, which is one with mother nature. The drops strengthen contact with one's inner self and have a positive effect on the growth of intuition.

Sananga drops

Mental benefits of using the drops

Using Sananga Drops affects mental balance, improves mood and brings relief by increasing energy. It also has a positive effect on increasing concentration, focus and reflexes. The drug helps get rid of persistent, intrusive thoughts by clearing the head.

As a result, you feel light and free. The remedy calms down when a person is overcome by strong emotions. It also helps you enter a state of meditation and deepens it. After using Sananga drops, you feel peace, a positive attitude towards yourself and the universe, and balance. It is the feeling of being in the right place and everything is going well.


Eye drops Sananga – types

There are several types of Sananga drops, depending on the plant from which they are made and their potency. The drops are produced by indigenous Amazonian tribes such as Nukini, Kuntanawa and Katukina. These are the highest quality products, derived from natural plant extracts.


  • Sananga drops from the Katukina tribe
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  • Sananga drops from the tribe Nukini
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  • Sananga product from the Nukini tribe in powder, pieces. Thanks to this form, we can create our own Sananga and decide what power we want to obtain

Sananga from the Nukini tribe in powder, pieces 

Sananga – where to buy drops? these are the best places where you can buy original drops, produced by indigenous Amazonian tribes such as Nukini, Kuntanawa and Katukina.

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Online shop Las Szamana also has many years of experience in selling products that have a beneficial effect on the body, mind and spirit. Competent staff are always happy to provide advice and assistance, dispelling any doubts.

Sananga is the first step to healing your ailments, both physical, emotional and spiritual. Due to the wide range of proven products of the highest quality, you can buy products that meet all your needs.


Using eye drops Sananga

Drops are intended for external use by adults. It is recommended to use them for a period of time 14 days and then take a break.

Here is a short guide on how to best use Sananga drops:

1. Sananga drops are best used in the evening, before going to bed. That's because they have calming effect, and additionally they are great for regenerating tired eyes after a whole day of working in front of the computer. It is not advisable to expose your eyes to screens again after using the drops.
ATTENTION! There are cases when using the drops at night will cause severe stimulation that does not allow you to fall asleep. For such people, morning sprinkling may be more effective.

2. Before application try to calm down and calm down. When using the drops very much what is important is the positive intention to use them, and also prespect for nature, which power you use.

3. For the application of drops choose a place where you feel good and safe. Ideally, it should be in nature, but this is not always possible. You can listen to meditation music.

4. Be prepared for that after application you will feel your eyes burning, which may last from 1 to even 15 minutes, and after a while there will be incredible relief. Focus and positive intention help you dissociate your body from the momentary pain and concentrate on the healing effect of the drops. You should also not rub or squeeze your eyes. Relaxation is the only solution to reducing pain.

5. If you wear contact lenses, they should be removed. Apply Sananga one drop in each eye, trying to target the tear ducts. By blinking, you spread the fluid over the entire surface of the eye. It is best to ask a loved one for help in applying the drops.

6. After application, lie quietly and relax for about 15-20 minutes, breathing deeply. remember about focusing on the positive intention of healing. 

7. After this time, the body and mind are calm and relaxed, and the sense of sight and other senses sharpened. You feel calm and relieved. After applying the drops, it is worth meditating to deepen the healing effects.


Sananga - storage 

The drops should be stored in the refrigerator. They must not be frozen. It is best to use the drops on time up to 6 months from the date of purchase.

Please note that this is 100% natural product, handcrafted by Indian tribes, and so does not contain artificial preservatives and fixatives.

For this reason best to use it fresh, immediately after purchase.


Eye drops Sananga – who will they be perfect for?

Eye drops are perfect for people seeking balance between body, spirit and the natural world. Their action is truly extremely versatile, but it is worth remembering that when using the benefits and power of nature, spiritual intention and respect for the power of the plant's spirit are important.

Sananga also has strong healing properties, so should be used in moderation. In no case it cannot be used as a stimulant, because it distorts its positive effects.

If you are looking for peace, healing, and have many different ailments that traditional medicine cannot deal with, Sananga eye drops will be an excellent choice for you.



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