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Ormus – Monoatomic gold, Elixir of the gods

Ormus – Monoatomic gold, Elixir of the gods

What is Ormus?

Ormus, Elixir of the Gods, is a unique alkaline substance with the characteristics of a mineral supplement. However, it is not an ordinary auxiliary product that is used to combat various health ailments. Ormus has the so-called m-matter, which is a mysterious component of the universe. We are talking about naturally existing particles that are impossible to detect individually with the human eye. They have orbitally rearranged atomic particles, also known as ORME.

M-matter is found in ocean and sea water, many plants and even fertile soils. In other words, it is a separate, unusual group of precious metals trapped in particles of a form unknown to today's scientific knowledge. Ormus is a drug that contains a materialized form of m-matter. These are split precious metals in an unusual state of matter. Ormus is described as crystal clear building material of the universe or as a precipitated form of photons, i.e. light.

The power of particles has its source in ancient volcanic eruptions, fertilizing not only various soils, but also vast ocean waters. Already then, huge water reservoirs acquired a nutritious form. It is material in the M state that encourages the growth of giant ocean seaweeds to this day. Thanks to it, huge creatures, several dozen times larger than the size of a human body, can live freely in the deepest waters in the world. The most impressive ocean plants can grow several meters a day, even though all the laws of science would deny this phenomenon.

The secret of the nutritional power lies in m-matter, which has ingenious characteristics. Man can also benefit from the benefits of the Power of Life, as the natives of today's Middle East discovered. Many centuries ago, it was there that the secret substance Ormus was developed, which is still an extremely mysterious and beneficial substance.

How is Ormus made?

The basis for producing White Gold is to find a place in the world that it is rich in minerals and beneficial atomic ions. Ormus is made from the extremely salty waters of the Dead Sea and other noble types of salt. Some also come from pristine areas of Australian waters, untouched by human industrial activity.

The traditional recipe for monoatomic gold has survived to this day in two types. Egyptian records speak of taking Ormus in powdered form. A small dose of the substance was applied to the hand and then placed under the tongue with a smooth movement. For a few or several minutes, the powder releases beneficial active ingredients into the body, which open the mind of the person consuming it.
This is a method that is difficult to implement in everyday life because we are unable to precisely measure the ideal amount.

The powdered form of real Ormus is extremely expensive!

Products that are sold for PLN 100-200 for 50-500 grams are powders with a minimal addition of Ormus, which is produced by electrolysis. Then everything that is created is removed from the electrodes. In this way, we obtain a product containing a lot of magnesium and calcium ions, which have nothing to do with ormus. The percentage of Ormus in such a mixture can be as low as 1%.

The second way to use the drug is to take it in liquid form. Dissolving Ormus in water enables its better and faster absorption by the human body. It is also the original and purest form of the drug without the addition of unnecessary micro-ingredients.

Ormus has a number of beneficial minerals and vitamins from natural, pristine sources. It raises the pH level, which in turn makes it possible to obtain an alkaline reaction. This process reduces the sodium content, which is a gateway to the separation of minerals in the M state. It is commonly believed that these are noble metal elements with a changed state of matter. They are referred to as so-called superconductors, which enhance communication between individual cells. Thanks to this, human cells do not have to waste additional energy on communicating with each other.

Ormus - the elixir of the gods - produced using natural methods is free of any microbiological contamination. It is pure powder (or a liquid preparation) uncontaminated with heavy metals, bacteria or other microorganisms. The originality of Ormus is confirmed by the fact that it was made using traditional Egyptian methods - it is the substance produced in this way that has the best properties.

How does Ormus affect our body?

Minerals are crucial for the proper functioning of the body. They perform a number of functions supporting and enabling intracellular processes. We also need them in the context of transmitting nerve impulses or balancing processes. A body that eats well and has the right concentration of minerals and vitamins can effectively defend itself against diseases. Unnourished cells become useless because they are unable to fulfill their important role in the human body. Sterilizing the body of micronutrients increases the risk of cancer. A series of starved and confused cells can develop into tumors, which can contribute to the development of new diseases.

Rich in minerals, Ormus balances the body's functioning. Many specialists argue that a large number of precious metals (iridium, gold, platinum, palladium, copper, silver) it can exist in a completely different high-spin state. Thanks to this, the nucleus of the atom elongates and rotates around its own axis much faster.

Monatomic gold has a cleansing effect on the human body. A person using this drug gets rid of heavy metals, dangerous toxins and condensed poisons. This is a wide gateway to experiencing the positive effects of using a natural supplement. The following activities of Ormus are distinguished:

  • Body. Ormus comprehensively eliminates heavy metals, unblocks the human mind, and enables the body to function efficiently. Monatomic gold reduces cell aging after the first use. It also strengthens building processes and motivates the body to improve itself.
  • Mind. Ormus improves the quality of life by influencing the psyche. The drug removes blockages, strengthens the mind, raises the intelligence quotient, and clears negative thoughts.
  • Awareness. Ormus acts on the sphere of strengthening human consciousness, taking it to a higher level. It enables in-depth knowledge of matter, and thanks to higher frequencies, humans have the opportunity to better understand the world.
  • Energy. Ormus works like a modern charger, that is, it recharges the body and mind with energy, and also strengthens the human body. The energy filling the interior is a kind of motivator and initiator of new, deeper psychophysical experiences.
  • Other. Ormus also provides a strong influence in other, previously unexplored spheres of man.


Mystical, esoteric and spiritual properties of Ormus

The power of Ormus is appreciated not only by conscious users, but also by the great aces of this world. Countless geniuses also used the benefits of the elixir of the gods, strengthening their logical and spiritual skills. Ormus was an essential element of alchemy. It intensified experiences and supported wisdom.

Although the generally accepted history of scientific discoveries does not mention this excipient, unofficial sources confirm its presence in the lives of outstanding individuals. There is nothing strange about this at all. After all, they tried to hide the inconvenient truth so that no one would suspect the existence of a powerful drug.

Today the taboo has been removed and The Philosopher's Stone, which is Ormus, is available to every conscious person. Thanks to many years of research on the precipitation of the highest quality ingredients, we have obtained a perfect product. The catalog includes a number of Ormus products that affect various areas of the body. The division into specific features is related to the isolation of specific precious metals. Separating them allowed them to be selected in such a way that the functionality of the elixir was maximized.


What Ormus products can be found on the market?

  • Ormus Dreaming™ – Ormus for dream work. Increases dream memory and supports lucid dreaming. An amazing mixture that turns dream journeys into a wonderful adventure.

    Ormus Dreaming store
    Ormus Dreaming Store
  • Ormus Inner Power™ – adds the most power to life and action.
    It is also like energetic coffee that repairs our DNA.

    Inner Power
  • Ormus Release™ – helps in the fight against mental and physical addictions, such as alcoholism, workaholism or drug addiction. It also frees you from excessive thinking and all destructive situations.

    Shop with Ormus Release
    Ormus Release Shop
  • Ormus Love™ – increases unconditional love, openness to the world and people, also providing positive feelings.

    Buy Elikir Godów Love
    Ormus Love Shop
  • Ormus Source™ – source material with an extremely intense effect on the subconscious. Ormus is the most process-oriented because he can bring to light deeply hidden traumas and problems.

    Shop with Ormus Source
    Ormus Source Store
  • Ormus Consciusness™ – to the timidly and slowly awakening awareness.

    Shop with Ormus Consciousness
    Ormus Consciousness Shop
  • Ormus Purifying™ – aimed at enhancing the beauty of the human body, strengthens the body and cleanses the kidneys.

    Shop with Ormus Purifying
    Ormus Purifying Shop
  • Ormus Shamanic™ – aimed at releasing the subconscious. It is also useful in opening up to new stimuli and experiences.

    Ormus Shamanic store
    Ormus Shamanic Shop

Try the beneficial effects of Ormus!

Our many years of efforts aimed at achieving how the best quality ingredients. The store is full of the best, carefully selected Ormus products, which are 100% verified in operation and completely safe.

Natural substances used in production are free from contamination. Crystal water, pure ingredients and no harmful additives this is the absolute basis for the effectiveness of this preparation. Unnecessary information that can be stored on m-matter carriers is permanently removed at the production stage. Quantum devices are used for this purpose, canceling unnecessary data.

Even a small bit of impure matter can destroy the positive effects of Ormus, so we attach great importance to ensuring that the product is of the highest quality. The set includes protective bags in which the bottles are stored. Ormus cannot be in close proximity to electrical devices because they emit a negative electromagnetic field.

The information presented here is personal opinion and view; are not written by a doctor, nor are they professional opinions or medical advice. They cannot replace the opinion and knowledge of a health care professional, e.g. a doctor. You can use any advice you find in this article at your own risk.

Mateusz Pruszowski
Mateusz Pruszowski
PHD Psychology, MSc Strategic Management, chemical engineer, naturopath, numerologist, student of Chinese medicine, total biology consultant. Author of the blog and 7 books. Creator of an innovative method – Psychobodylogy®. Therapist, active entrepreneur, lecturer, motivational speaker.


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