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Karma 16. Karma of Relationships. Karmic number 16

Karma 16. Karma of Relationships. Karmic number 16

Karmic Numbers are a symbol of overdue matters. Their meaning refers to those issues that we should work through in our current incarnation. This can be associated with the so-called lessons we missed in our previous lives. These numbers contain all the information that clearly shows what we should focus on.

Karmic numbers are: 13, 14, 16, 19 and 26.

Karma 13, 14, 16, 19 it concerns the debt that we have owed to others. Karma 26 instead, it refers to a debt incurred towards oneself.

If you notice the presence of one of these numbers in your numerological portrait, it means that you are in the process of fulfilling karma from your previous incarnations. It may be visible on the day of the month in which you were born.

Karma 16

Relationship problems

The number 16 consists of 1, which is the symbol of existence, and 6, which is love. 1+6 gives us 7, i.e. metaphysics, spirituality. This number refers to emotional matters related to interpersonal relationships.

If you see it in your life, probably in one of your previous incarnations you ignored true feelings, you abandoned your family or a very close person. Karma 16 therefore refers to challenges in the sphere of feelings, family, as well as acquiring the ability to live with another person without such negatives as e.g. jealousy.

In order for spiritual development 16 to be truly supported, such a person must experience his or her nightmares. Her difficulties in relationships with her feelings, family members or love will be one of the darker sides of struggling with her karma. Such a person will certainly have to confront the feeling of alienation, loneliness and what they represented in their previous incarnation, i.e. false friends.

Karma 16 will probably also be associated with abuse, i.e. betrayals and deceptions by loved ones. Such a person will experience problems with their partners, which will cause them to close themselves off from other people. In this way, she will feel loneliness in relation to her surroundings and herself. 

Focusing on relationships with her environment will help her work through karma. This is where the number 16 will have the opportunity to cultivate deep feelings. Accepting and coming to terms with one's ego will be another priority for such a person. This is what will help 16 make reasonable decisions in a relationship.


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