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The Atlantean Ring - a mysterious symbol of power and its properties

The Atlantean Ring - a mysterious symbol of power and its properties

The Ring of Atlantis is a magical symbol that has aroused people's interest for years. It is believed that having such a ring can bring many benefits, but is it really? In this article, we will discuss what the atlantean ring is, how it works, its advantages and disadvantages, and whether it is worth using.


What is the Atlantean ring?

The Ring of Atlantis is a magical symbol from the mythical continent Atlantis. According to legend, this ring has amazing properties, such as: protection against evil, increased personal power, the ability to direct the thoughts of other people, and even the ability to heal diseases. The symbol on the ring is neither will collapse.


History and construction of the Ring of Atlantis

The Ring of Atlantis in question is an ancient artifact whose history and construction are shrouded in mystery. According to documented accounts, the ring stayed outdoor by a French Egyptologist Marqués D'Agrain in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt around 1860. Then the radiesthenician inherited it André de Belizal, who investigated its properties.

The ring of Atlantis is decorated with geometric symbols that, according to Belizal, create a subtle energy field with powerful vibrations. Electromagnetic waves emitted by the ring they prevent energy patterns from changing and create a protective shield for the personwho wears it. In addition, the ring increases the ability to use intuition and subconscious.

According to an account in the book "Ces maisons qui tuent" by Roger de Lafforest, the ring of Atlantis was used as a protective amulet by archaeologist Howard Carter, who survived the "curse of Tutankhamun's mummy". Other people associated with the discovery of the tomb died inexplicably, which was considered the result of the pharaoh's curse. Howard Carter was the only survivor, which the book says was due to the ring of Atlantis.

However, it is important to emphasize that there is no evidence to support this story. However, the author of the book, Roger de Lafforest, was a great believer in the ring of Atlantis and its beneficial properties, as well as condemned the practice of producing copies of the ring without proper specifications for commercial gain.

The discovery of the ring of Atlantis by Marqués D'Agrain in Egypt in 1860 was a real discovery or rather a hoax, but it cannot be clearly stated. Nevertheless, the story about the ring of Atlantis and its beneficial properties has attracted the attention of many people interested in esotericism and spirituality.

Dowsing, in which André de Belizal specialized, is a field that studies subtle energy fields that are often invisible to the ordinary eye, but have a huge impact on our lives and health. According to Belizal's account, the ring of Atlantis is particularly a powerful protective tool and helps protect against negative environmental influences.

The history of the Atlantis ring is very interesting, but also controversial. There is no documented evidence that such a ring actually exists and has the properties that are attributed to it. Nevertheless, this story attracts the attention of many people who are looking for ways to improve their health and well-being through the use of subtle energy fields.


Advantages of using the atlante ring

According to people who use the atlantean ring, you can see many benefits from having it. Some of the advantages are:

  1. Increased energy and improved well-being
  2. Protection against negative environmental influences
  3. Enhancing psychic abilities such as intuition and telepathy
  4. Influencing the improvement of relationships with other people
  5. Helping heal mental and physical illnesses


Disadvantages of using the atlant ring

Like every item, the Atlante Ring also has its drawbacks. Some of them are:

  1. There is no scientific evidence of the effectiveness of the atlantean ring
  2. Possibility of addiction to wearing it
  3. Possibility of increasing negative effects if the ring is used for evil purposes


On which finger should the atlante ring be worn?

A ring of atlantes worn on the little finger (Mercury's finger) can stimulate processes logical thinking and strengthen the ability to reflect and observation. In addition, an amulet placed on this finger helps in... treatment of various diseases and neuralgia. Additionally, it improves the functioning of sexual energy and helps maintain proper weight and supports the weight loss process.

As for the ring finger (Sun finger), wearing an atlante ring on it improves mental abilities and Self-Esteem. This amulet works calming and increases immunity, reducing the tendency to catch colds and runny noses.

As for the middle finger (Saturn finger), the ring worn on this finger allows for leveling seizures anger and aggression. Moreover, it helps in shaping discipline and systematicity, as well as in treatment nervous diseasessuch as heart palpitations, hand tremors or insomnia. This amulet also helps to relieve heart and stomach pain and relieve chest tightness.

As for the index finger (Jupiter finger), the ring placed on it helps in understanding the world and encourages you to improve yourself. Moreover, it works anti-inflammatory and strengthening. It is an ideal tool for strengthening willpower, for example when quitting smoking, as well as for treatment skin diseases and digestive system.

However, the ring worn on the thumb (Venus finger) adds sensitivity and aesthetics. It also supports shaping strong will and reduces the intensity of impulsive reactions. This amulet also helps in healing cupper respiratory tract diseasessuch as sore throat, relieves cough and reduces the risk of inflammation tonsils.


What material is the Atlantean ring to be made of?

Choosing the right atlantean ring is not limited only to its aesthetics or style. The choice of material from which it is made can also affect our body. However, the metal from which the ring is made is of no great importance. What is most important are the shapes on it. However, by choosing the right material, we can strengthen its effect on our body.

steel, as a ring material, can help prevent anemia and allergies, as well as treat chronic colds.

However, if we want to speed up the healing process of wounds or stomach ulcers, it is worth choosing a ring made of zinc. Additionally, zinc can help regenerate unfavorable skin lesions.

If we want to stabilize and stimulate the nervous system, it is worth considering a ring made of silver.

Copper, as a ring material, can help eliminate rheumatism and chronic spine pain.

Whereas gold, thanks to its properties, improves the flow of nerve impulses.


Cleansing and recharging the Atlantean ring

To maintain the full power and effectiveness of the Atlantis Ring, it is important to use it regularly cleansing and charging. The frequency of cleaning will vary depending on the degree of energy toxicity to which the ring is exposed. Energy healing practitioners should clean it more often because their healing work exposes the ring to constant energy imbalances.

Because the ring has recesses and grooves, dirt and debris can easily collect in them. It is therefore recommended to use water, liquid soap without the addition of a humidifier and a small brush to clean the ring, especially inside the canals. Normal tarnishing does not affect the energy of the ring, however, in the case of rapid blackening jewelry is recommended Purification, as it could absorb energy to protect the user. You can use natural cleaning methods, such as baking soda, or special oxidation removers. If the user prefers a brighter appearance for the ring, they can use anti-tarnish or polishing agents to remove the oxidation. Such products are available in most jewelry stores.

Every metal sometimes needs several hours of direct sunlight sunlight. The frequency of the above activities depends on the individual needs of the person. It is important to check the annulus regularly to ensure the channels are not blocked with cream, soap or dirt and cleansing them as needed. This will ensure that the Atlantis ring will function at its full original strength while under the care and attention of the user.



The Ring of Atlantis is a magical symbol that still arouses much controversy and interest. Unfortunately, we have no knowledge of the fundamental role that the Atlantis ring played in Atlantean culture. There is also no scientific evidence of the existence of an Atlantean civilization that would have used such artifacts. However, this ring has become of great interest to people due to its legendary power and properties. Some people believe that wearing an Atlantis ring can provide protection and enhance their intuition.

In any case, such stories and speculations should be approached with caution because they are not based on facts and we can rely on intuition or other people's experience, which can sometimes be wrong. Dowsing and similar fields are unfortunately considered pseudoscience and are treated mockingly by society.

Mateusz Pruszowski
Mateusz Pruszowski
PHD Psychology, MSc Strategic Management, chemical engineer, naturopath, numerologist, student of Chinese medicine, total biology consultant. Author of the blog and 7 books. Creator of an innovative method – Psychobodylogy®. Therapist, active entrepreneur, lecturer, motivational speaker.


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